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The New York Times has reported that Caravaggio has surpassed Michelangelo for supremacy in the world of painting.  IDK what to make of this ridiculous little story other than that it gives one a chance to think about painting–>


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I found this volume at the Philadelphia Book Festival last Spring. While it is slim, it is highly engaging and interesting.  It gives one a sense of the history and richness of Pennsylvania’s painting tradition.  The Peales figure prominently, as they should, but also obscure Lancaster County housepainters are in the book and the Impressionists and Modernists are also there.  What I found most interesting, though maybe not that surprising, was that Pennsylvania artists matured with the rest of the country and produced memorable landscapes and genre scenes in the 19th century. Reminiscent of the Barbizon school of France Pennsylvania painters, most notably Lloyd Mifflin Jr., painted lush scenes of lasting importance.

To purchase the book please visit the Pennsylvania Historical Association’s website: http://www.pa-history.org/pastudyseries.htm

There you can find a plethora of picture books that deal with Pennsylvania history. At this years Philadelphia Book Festival I will probably pick up more from the Association.

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