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Please check out my free, online album on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/evankerry/sets/play-that-railroad-bill-song


It’s heavy on Banjo with a few Guitar tracks thrown in.




Evan Kerry

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So, I am a Banjo Geek, yes yes I will admit it to the world, I really am and I am generally into old-timey music and stuff and Americana and all that. Anyways, while cruising around some banjo tab sites I found this>> http://www.aca-dla.org/index.php

It is a Digital Archive of all things musically Appalachian. If you have never given this type of music a good listen then consider this website something to check out. Or if you’ve only seen ‘O Brother’ then again, check out this website.  Even for Professionals and amateurs this website is great.

I hope you are pleasantly surprised.


Mike McCullough

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