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The New York Times has reported that Caravaggio has surpassed Michelangelo for supremacy in the world of painting.  IDK what to make of this ridiculous little story other than that it gives one a chance to think about painting–>


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The New York Times, in early 2011 will begin charging for online content after one has viewed a certain number of articles. I consider this a FAIL for the premiere paper in the world. I hope this does fail, and miserably at that. Why would I go and pay for anything they offer when there is so much other content on the interwebs? I barely check the site once a week, but when I do I spend at least an hour on it catching up with what I’ve missed in the art and book world. It is because I consider them a primary source for these two theaters that I consider this move a bad one. I will just change my habits and find what I am looking for on other sites.

Here is a link to the article on NYTimes.com: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/21/business/media/21times.html?hp

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While I have never been to a poetry slam, and probably never will attend one, I have been to the Green Mill in Chicago home to a weekly poetry slam.  Whoop dee doo you might say, but I would counter with “what a nice place for a jazz jam late at night say 3:30 in the morning” Anyways the gist of the NYTimes article is that the Poetry Slam is getting some recognition and now it is in danger of being corruptible by credibility.  Please read and think for yourself.

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