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Brought to you by Christie’s online and forever..a gorgeous piece of work from France



online exhibit, couldn’t make the exhibition? see it online…

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this would seem like a book worth knowing:


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I finally made it up to NYC on Sunday the 21st of March, 2010 to see the Illuminated Manuscript shows at the Met and the Morgan Library. It was a glorious affair. The perfection of these pieces was astounding. I caught myself uttering “My God!” and “Jesus Christ!” under my breath and it wasn’t in vain. One has to witness these Books of Hours in order to gain a true appreciation of the skill, craftsmanship and downright artistry involved in their creation. The other highlight of the trip was an all too brief sojourn to McSorley’s Olde Ale House on 7th Street. Joseph Mitchell got it right in his small piece from The New Yorker worded so many moons ago…

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