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I picked up a copy of the Inherent Vice film with Joaquin Phoenix and sadly it was disappointing. The back of the cover related that it was like nothing I would have ever seen or some such nonsense. Well I only had to recall The Long Goodbye from 1973 with Elliot Gould. After total recall I thought well if this isn’t the same movie? Either way Philip Marlowe was great or at the very least, believable. Joaquin Phoenix dialed into his script reading and begs one to follow along. In fact I took a nap about 30 minutes in and didn’t miss a thing. Then when Luke Wilson comes out of the fog, or the Golden Fang (who cares), I knew I was had. Oh that’s right it was Owen Wilson. What a distorted noir, total con actually, I was witness to. If only they hadn’t bothered to film this movie, I wouldn’t have wasted a nap listening to the script being read. I bought the film for a quarter ($0.25) at library surplus so back to the earth it goes with this week’s rubbish.

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How reviews in the current New Yorker display our acceptance yet disgust with the status quo, unremarkable proferring of the occasional best, and the communal longing for our own Golden Age

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Inside Llewyn Davis and American Hustle are reviewed above by the New Yorker. Which if read, leads one to believe they’re being cheated by Hollywood and the New Yorker. Where is our golden age? We might shout this out and hear nothing, except this whine of a subtle notion that we are cheated by the formulaic genres now entombed on the screen for us each week. But if you consider that the Hollywood motion machine has been around a century and some change, you can then understand that this certain contemporary vibe is all a collective farce and the rule of thumb would then be: keep them happy and talking about it.

How do we move forward from this sad state of affairs? I don’t know, nor care.

Verdict: The Utmost Transparency

Evan Kerry


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