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Heydeguye-a kind of country dance.

From Spenser’s The Shepheardes Calender, in June;

But frendly Faeries, met with many Graces,

And lightfote Nymphes can chace the lingring night,

With Heydeguyes, and trimly trodden traces,

Whilst systers nyne, which dwell on Parnasse hight,

Doe make them musick, for their more delight:


 If you like English Country Dance Music may I suggest this publication:



Or for some aural/visual stimulation check out these contradancers:



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Sonnet. LXXV

One day I wrote her name vpon the strand,

but came the waues and washed it away:

agayne I wrote it with a second hand,

but came the tyde, and made my paynes his pray.

Vayne man, sayd she, that doest in vaine assay,

a mortall thing so to immortalize,

for I my selue shall lyke to this decay,

an eek my name bee wyped out lykewize.

Not so, (quod I) let baser things deuize

to dy in dust, but you shall liue by fame:

my verse your vertues rare shall eternize,

and in the heuens wryte your glorious name.

Where whenas death shall all the world subdew,

our loue shall liue, and later life renew.



Edmund Spenser (1552?-1599)

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So I went to the Free Library today and for .25 cents I picked up a good paperback copy of Edmund Spenser’s Poetical Works published by Oxford University Press. What serendipity! I had just purchased a train ticket and had a couple quarters left in my pocket which I though I would buy a bag of Doritos with. Instead I happened upon one of the greatest poets in the English language.

In college I stormed through the Faerie Queene at a tremendous pace, so fast I don’t remember all that much of it except its’ beautiful tone and style. Anyways here is an opportunity for me to keep a copy at work and one at home. Too Cool!




Michael Evan Kerry McCullough

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