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So after having my copy of Dombey and Son stolen from my friends car by a homeless person I finally went out and bought a copy from Borders.  Having finished the book I am sad to part with it.  Yes the new Paul Dombey Sr. was a glancing blow to my established notion of the distinguished curmedgeon but it was a welcome change, if a bit sentimental.  Wal’r and Miss Floy become happily married and Mr. Toots and the Nipper are given to “connubial bliss” and even the dread Mac Stinger marries Bunsby in a flash of a marital headlock. 

This book was something of a long one, clocking in at only 925 pages there’s no wonder it took me months to read it.  I know the laundromat owners thought I must be crazy to keep lugging the same book there each week. I must say though that this is a well rounded book with all of its’ plot lines being cut and dried and served steaming hot with a side of emotional effrontery thrown in to satisfy the deeper reaches of the psychological palate. 

Anyways I have recently picked up Little Dorrit and David Copperfield and Oliver Twist and hope to read them this year.  For isn’t it said that to be truly literary in the least one must read all of one author’s works or some bo log na like that?  I will drink a Labat Blue tonight in hopes of honoring that proposal.

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I have ventured further into the land of Boz, I mean Dickens. The last post regarding this novel left one with the cliffhanger ‘How will Dickens develop young Dombey’?  After more reading-I did hold the book kind of close-I have come upon the precise passage that foreshadows young Dombey’s development, though rather ambiguous it goes like this:

“They were the strangest pair at such a time that ever firelight shone upon.  Mr. Dombey so erect and solemn, gazing at the blaze; his little image, with an old, old face, peering into the red perspective with the fixed and rapt attention of a sage.  Mr. Dombey entertaining complicated worldly schemes and plans; the little image entertaining Heaven knows what wild fancies, half-formed thoughts, and wandering speculations. Mr. Dombey stiff with starch and arrogance; the little image by inheritance, and in unconscious imitation. The two so very much alike, and yet so monstrously contrasted.”

Here we have Dickens preparing the reader for the divergence and the similarity to come. For young Dombey is a pitiable frail child as the astute reader is soon to learn in the coming chapters.  So I leave you with another question. Will young Walter marry Miss Florence Dombey? and another, will young Dombey find the woman of his fancy?

I sincerely cannot wait to finish this wonderful book.

Next time I will summon the Introduction by the learned scholars of Penguin and we shall delve further into the many themes of this novel.

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Short post here.  I have started Dickens’ Dombey and Son. Upon reaching the fourth chapter I have noted a lack of a sufficient plot. Yeah one could say that I am jumping the gun a little but I like some relish with my hot dog if you know what I mean.

Anyways I dislike Mr. Paul Dombey, the head of the firm and I am starting to wish for his early departure from the book. It will be nice to read of the flowering of young Dombey and to see what kind of character he develops. For of course Dickens has 900 pages to imbue the child with a dramatis personae.  Here is hoping to some development. Further posts on this novel will be written along with ones on Graham Greene’s Life Vol. 1 and the first Frank Miller Batman comic/graphic novel from 1986.

Au revoir!

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