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I am still in shock at the signing that brings Lee to the Phils, again…

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Cliff Lee has been traded to the Mariners in a 3-way deal that gives the Phillies Roy Halladay. I, for one, am upset at the lack of loyalty the upper management of the organization is displaying regarding last year’s ace.  What is a fan to do but cry foul over the trade?  On a personal level I am a huge fan of Cliff Lee. I admire his work ethic on the field and his sparse commenting off of the field. How can Ruben Amaro Jr. allow, nay, pursue such a thing? I guess the bottom line is Halladay will sign a multi-year deal while Cliff Lee’s agent will only allow him to sign a one-year deal thus allowing him to go after more money after a probable stellar year with the Phillies.

The only solace in such a deal is that the Yankees, Angels, Devil Rays, Mets, Red Sox or Dodgers did not land Lee. I feel for the guy though. He is left to rot in Seattle all year for a losing franchise. Maybe, just maybe, he will have a mediocre year and the Phillies can sign him in 2011. Stranger things have happened.

Michaek EK McCullough

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These two articles from the NYTimes have made me giggle. Not only does Yankee Stadium offer Cheesesteaks but that is probably what Cliff Lee and C.C. Sabathia ate for dinner so many months ago. Game 1 was incredible so we shall see how da Phils do in Game 2.

Two gastroenterologists discuss the finer points of mayonaisse and its’ relation to the Cheesesteak and the anti-aesthetic of said sammy:



Oh and did you know there was a concession stand that sold Cheesesteaks in New Yankee Stadium?:)



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