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James Wood makes the sign of the cross and blesses the reader of his new article in the New Yorker with some very interesting thoughts. For instance “Does literature progress, like medicine or engineering?” I don’t believe it does, only that the fashions of it do.  Wood here really lands a knockout punch in the first paragraph when he goes on to state that:

“…anyone painting today exactly like Courbet, or composing music exactly like Brahms, would be accounted a fraud or a forger, much contemporary fiction borrows the codes and conventions-the basic narrative grammar-of Flaubert or Balzac without essential alteration.”

After reading the first paragraph of the article who really cares about the book being reviewed? I am intrigued to think that nothing has really changed about the novel in 150 years. What were all those modernists and post-modernists up to all this time? Nothing. So buy yourself a Balzac or Flaubert’s Parrot 🙂 don’t do that.  Then see what it means to be real while reading James Wood squeal…

Till we meet again.

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The Balzac Society

Owning a set of the Complete Works of Balzac, a 40 volume one at that, and having delved into at least a third of those volumes I was struck with a question. Is there a Balzac Society in America or Europe?  I have searched Google and unless there are a band of renegade Balzacians out there I don’t believe there is one.  I would like to attempt to try to maybe put together an informal Balzac Society.  If you or someone you know is interested please contact me at evankerry@yahoo.com


Balzac fell off of the literary map years ago, most of his works are out of print, it is hard to find a complete set. With all of that said he is one of the most interesting writers I have ever read. When I finish The Peasantry I will put my thoughts here for all to read.

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