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A tidy slim book designed to eek the adventure out of you.

Rambles Round Donegal, Patrick Campbell
The Mercier Press, Dublin and Cork
1981, Paperback

I picked up this book at a small bookstore in Dublin and I’m very wise to do so. After visiting my grandmother’s home in the Croaghs I want to learn all I can about Co. Donegal. The fiddling, folklore and fishing would be my main interests so far, well aside from the beautiful scenery. The book gives a tour of the county and brief interludes of tales of its’ people make it an excellent addition to the literature of the county.

Glen of Glenties




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All Hail Peter Schjeldahl!: in his latest bold pronunciation of life influencing the outputs of a writer.

My doctrine is wrong. Petey S. in the New Yorker has corrected the outlook of life upon art and we are none the better for it. Lately I’ve been getting my messages mixed from academe and the print media. I was impressed upon that life had no bearing upon art, and then this article schleps into my view. What a world. 😦


I will not even get into my hilarious, cushing view on the ‘work and life’ of this overly compensated deadbeat ‘writer’.



Evan Kerry 2014

The Atlantic Monthly gushes, as their fave show crushes.


They tell us the how and the why of the thing that is True Detective.

Ostensibly, this show on HBO is the best thing going. Now why would I dare agree with that? I don’t. To say something is the best on the telly is telling how good your favorite brand of ketchup would be to my tongue. non compos mentis

The review/advert for the show is so chock full of unrepentant enthusiasm that I would rather not watch it after reading. I’m not going to muse over the difficulties I had with the review, this quote will suffice: “But while the pairing isn’t entirely new, it is nonetheless sublime.” For when one runs out of ideas or angles or anything original you must label something SUBLIME. One must get just how sublime this showing of metaphysicality through police procedural drame is though. Only HBO, the top-tier of Television programming, apparently can muster such a review and such a fawning.

Transparent, A- for overall true to forminess