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In which an unwritten work is mercilessly reviewed; or, what I’d like to see written and how…

In this instant classic of suspenselessness we find the villain Jan Hoovervort murdering the UN Secretary General and shooting fifteen delegates in Queens, then he makes an abortive path to Washington D.C. to tackle the sitting President with hugs and bullets. Suffice to say he does not complete his quest and he dies in the doing.

The immediate, glaring defect of this work is the fateful reconciliation to his task that Jan displays. He knows he is enforcing a coercive effect on history and he relishes the lifeless act of murder needed for completion. Yet the ease with which he flows in this mode is astounding. He relegates his life to the assassin’s creed and loves every minute of it. For he knows that murder is a simple art and if someone is to be deposed then all the easier for it. And that is the impact Jan Hoovervort gives to the world, the senseless homicide of a somewhat defenseless official. Jan mars the consciousness of this world with pure, facile evil.

The dominant strain of mur’drous writing inflicts on the reader a false suspension of disbelief. The truth is in the telling for the above mentioned faux ouvre. You would have had a difficult time with the cult classic Is Your Mind My Own?

Evan Kerry


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