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‘Round and ’round

do the days fly,

Spinning webs

of eccentricity.


Preparing me

for the great leap,

The eternal and

the final sleep.


MEKM 08/2012ish

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To begin again is often said

but not quite often done.

To end of days be not afraid

you’ll see anew the setting sun.

Swirling Time my lovely fren,

will always let you begin again.


To the grave we stolidly march

with leaden feet ever looking back.

Fret not fren, nor get starch.

Yours, mine and ours stack

high the fruits of toilsome labor,

Till we return to the mewling vapor.


Michael Evan Kerry McCullough


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An Argument

You could drink from the

world at once; and it

would make you pay.


Or like a miner then; sit

in shade and shadow till

it comes your day.


Large or small or none

at all, it doesn’t matter writ.


Too clearly,  here learned

it sweet, that one must sit.


Michael Evan Kerry McCullough

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To be judged of age

when one’s so young,

Is but a trifle 

anymore. Various

are the ways of

existence, pain your

only friend? Life will

go and then so

will I!


Michael McCullough                                                                                                 5/26/07

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