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A tidy slim book designed to eek the adventure out of you.

Rambles Round Donegal, Patrick Campbell
The Mercier Press, Dublin and Cork
1981, Paperback

I picked up this book at a small bookstore in Dublin and I’m very wise to do so. After visiting my grandmother’s home in the Croaghs I want to learn all I can about Co. Donegal. The fiddling, folklore and fishing would be my main interests so far, well aside from the beautiful scenery. The book gives a tour of the county and brief interludes of tales of its’ people make it an excellent addition to the literature of the county.

Glen of Glenties

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The New York Times, in early 2011 will begin charging for online content after one has viewed a certain number of articles. I consider this a FAIL for the premiere paper in the world. I hope this does fail, and miserably at that. Why would I go and pay for anything they offer when there is so much other content on the interwebs? I barely check the site once a week, but when I do I spend at least an hour on it catching up with what I’ve missed in the art and book world. It is because I consider them a primary source for these two theaters that I consider this move a bad one. I will just change my habits and find what I am looking for on other sites.

Here is a link to the article on NYTimes.com: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/01/21/business/media/21times.html?hp

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Here are links to my two favorite christmas songs:




The second video is nearly unwatchable so just put it on and forget about it.

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Yeah Well…

I was gonna write a lil’ essay type thing about Pierre Grassou by Balzac with the object of close reading in mind BUT I just won tickets to the mayor’s box for the NLCS game tomorrow at Citizen’s Bank Park, so as you can justifiably tell I am a lil’ distracted.


Til Tomorrow….


…. Mike McCullough

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