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The Atlantic Monthly gushes, as their fave show crushes.


They tell us the how and the why of the thing that is True Detective.

Ostensibly, this show on HBO is the best thing going. Now why would I dare agree with that? I don’t. To say something is the best on the telly is telling how good your favorite brand of ketchup would be to my tongue. non compos mentis

The review/advert for the show is so chock full of unrepentant enthusiasm that I would rather not watch it after reading. I’m not going to muse over the difficulties I had with the review, this quote will suffice: “But while the pairing isn’t entirely new, it is nonetheless sublime.” For when one runs out of ideas or angles or anything original you must label something SUBLIME. One must get just how sublime this showing of metaphysicality through police procedural drame is though. Only HBO, the top-tier of Television programming, apparently can muster such a review and such a fawning.

Transparent, A- for overall true to forminess

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So my favorite actress under 97 years of age decides to release a $415 pair of sunglasses through the designer Oliver Peoples.  Whew, not only is she marrying some mega-nerd instead of me, I now have to decide whether to A. buy a pair of her designer shades (which will not happen) or B. get a wite-out pen and write Zooey in cursive on the side of a pair of Dollar Store shaded frames.  B could become a reality if I remember to forget my spite at some lame ass from some band marrying the woman of my dreams. Aw shucks. When are her and Christian Bale gonna do a movie together?

Here is the link to the LA Times blurb:


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The Watchmen

The most alert I felt during this ordeal was during the trailers for Terminator: Salvation and Public Enemies.  I’ll admit that I looked up The Watchmen on Wikipedia before I saw the movie. But how much can one really retain during a 5-minute reading of a complicated plot and backstory. 

 If all of the characters were as twisted as Rorshach I think it would be a much more enjoyable movie.

I think that is enough to say about a terrible, terrible film.

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As you’ve all heard by now Christian Bale beats his mother and unravels balls of obscenities at directors and grips. Oh well, is he the hardest working man in show business? I’m gonna guess Yeah he the hell is.

You’ve seen his movies and you may know he deals with depression but we are here to discuss the work ethic of this master of dialect.  Not the blockbusters but have you seen Metroland? Quite a swell movie. What a short post!  I will report on Killing Pablo and Public Enemies when they come out.

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