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as i predicted the death of food writing is upon us:::::


And in a bitter twist of fate Roger Ebert has turned to food writing after losing his jaw four years ago to cancer:


Ho Hum!

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Philly Beer Week starts tomorrow and after reading a few write-ups in the paper and checking out the website –> http://www.phillybeerweek.org/ I’ve decided I all but hate writing that is about food and drink. I mean what more can one say other than “it was the bestest”?; or “it was the worstest”?  I understand that is cutting it to the bare minimum but when we get down to the nitty-gritty that is all there is really to tell.

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These two articles from the NYTimes have made me giggle. Not only does Yankee Stadium offer Cheesesteaks but that is probably what Cliff Lee and C.C. Sabathia ate for dinner so many months ago. Game 1 was incredible so we shall see how da Phils do in Game 2.

Two gastroenterologists discuss the finer points of mayonaisse and its’ relation to the Cheesesteak and the anti-aesthetic of said sammy:



Oh and did you know there was a concession stand that sold Cheesesteaks in New Yankee Stadium?:)



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