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This descent into the criminal underworld of Gotham is a must read for any Batman fan. *SPOILER (almost, depends how you look at it)* The three possible Holiday killers angle rivets one to their seat and the pages somehow turn themselves in this graphic novel.  The Falcone and Moroni famiglias give us shades of la diable. The Joker is not at his best in this outing. Though he gets a gold star for trying to murder all of the festival goers on New Year’s Eve. I find the backstory for Two-Face to be a little thin but very interesting none the less. Being a relative newbie to the Batman comics franchise I was intrigued with the Calendar, locked up in Arkham Asylum by Harvey Dent, he ultimately could find no answer for the Batman or Gordon. 

I can’t really suffer to go too deep into this basic murder plot because the writer’s have to, as a duty to the reader, make the story visually appealing as well as hooking the cranium with the scantest of substances to move the whole thing forward.  But seeing Batman and the Joker duel on a crop duster is something that one does not encounter everyday, in the real or faux world.  Also seeing the Scarecrow on a horse amidst a two-page layout is, to be trite, really freekin’ cool.

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