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If you find yourself in the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania in this lifetime, then you must head over to the http://www.whartonesherickmuseum.org/ 

First a painter, then a woodblock printmaker, and most of all a sculptor of wood, Wharton Esherick was the visionary of the modern form. His house is an ode to his passion and you must, must visit it, I tell you. Almost everything contained in it was made by him and for him. Below is a picture of the home.


But do not take my word for it, do the simple research and plan your trip, now. 🙂

Evan Kerry

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This article at the Times Art & Design site politely says that NYC risks becoming an “urban masoleum” if the City won’t allow architects to add to the skyline and make their mark on the city, so to speak;  http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/10/arts/design/10building.html?_r=1&ref=design

I am in full agreement with the article’s conclusion. Why should political hacks, sorry Planning Commissioner Burden-tres apropos, est n’est-ce pas?-be allowed to determine the fate of private construction? Yeah it is fundamental to a City that there should be some containment to private development but this is almost an outrage. I however am not outraged at the development, ha, of this situation. I am only hoping that this decision is overruled, if it can be. That a city is an organic entity, ever-evolving we should all be aware of, though this feels like a decision to stagnate the growth of America’s top city. Anyways we’ll see how this develops.

P.S. Pardonnez mois Francais deplorable. WWWWWWWW

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In New York City a major urban reuse project in Manhattan’s West Side has  opened.  The High Line a once defunct railroad spur is being reborn as a park for city dwellers. This is a chance for New York City to set a trend. Hopefully this type of urban reuse will catch on with the rest of the country.



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As a fellow Union member I respect these guys to the fullest. You can find all you could ever want to know about them on their website: http://www.sandhogs147.org/index.aspx

Please click the link and find out more about this fascinating organization.

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Here is a link to the Transit Museum of New York City’s website that somewhat details the 8 mega-projects now going on under New York.



If you are in any way fascinated by the infrastructure or development of the City of New York please do check this out.

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