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Via YouTube discovery of one of the best living traditional banjo pickers from Appalachia..Young Buck too.

In my wanderings about YouTube I’ve discovered an excellent banjo picker by the name of Clifton Hicks. If you are so inclined please subscribe to his YT channel or check out his videos. I can’t garner much more info than that he is from the South and plays an excellent banjo. Here are a few videos below:

Going down the Road Feelin’ Bad

Pretty Polly

8 Songs

I hope you can enjoy this American Music as much as I do.

Evan Kerry

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On my first visit to Ireland, in August of this year, I visited Co. Donegal.  I was truly bewitched by the landscape. The peace of the mountains and greenery, the allure of the solitude, the vast history of the island, leaves much for the imagination to germinate. I could picture myself uprooting and moving there, though it would certainly be a less than painless process, but the thought of moving and the prospect of it are what might keep drawing me back.

I felt at home in Donegal. Knowing my grandparents are from the county and seeing firsthand the farmhouse where my grandmother was raised have lit not just a fire but an inferno of sentiment and dedication to experience the land and the people of Ireland. Not just for a paltry week but for as long as I can possibly manage. However all of this might grandly sound, the lack of work there and the lack of resources here will most surely terminate the idea of permanent return.

Evan Kerry, Oct. 2013


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