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Three Men in A Boat – Jerome K. Jerome

Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow – Jerome K. Jerome

The Edinburgh Caper – St. Clair McKelway

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd – Agatha Christie

Night Flight – Antoine de Saint Exupery

Scots Poetry – John Buchan

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I’ve finished the first third of this memoir, which is chock full of interesting information. After reaching the point where Graves has enlisted, I feel that the rest of the book must go downhill. What is colorful and pointed during his lively childhood should serve to counterpoint the horrors of the First World and will probably be done with the same masterful tone.

The public school bits of the beginnings of the book serve to capture the most interest while reading. Those and the description of Bavaria pre-WWI neatly round out how flush Robert Graves ancestors and contemporaries were with culture. Which in turn allowed Graves’ pen to flow so freely here and with many other works.

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When Does

When does a fly sleep?
When does it rise?
Some things I shall keep,
Others I will disguise.


MMcC 2011Image

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Poetry, the one that subscribes to self, can be the most personal of outlets for the vain and conscientious alike. And yet the reviewer of this Times Lit. Supplement tends to forget that in this review: http://www.the-tls.co.uk/tls/public/article1171553.ece

SO what shall we do in the case of this egregious error? My first recommendation would be to remedy with a strong draught of the Source.. Keats, himself and alone. For if we unburden ourselves of the historical imagination and simply allow things to be led by what is left then we can see what life truly is.

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