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this would seem like a book worth knowing:


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To read a review by Helen Vendler on Kay Ryan’s new dreck, is tantamount to being lowered into a vat of acid that will not kill one, only scald till one’s eyes bleed. Who selected this most unworthy poet as the Poet Laureate? I should have his job/head delivered to the local morgue for inspection. Anyways, Vendler selects snippets of Ryan’s writings and panders them with glee. I swear I could not make it through this ghastly review, without the usual self-doubt accorded slop, of a substance less viscous than plain air. Suffice to say a review hardly worth anyones time.


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New from the publisher Godine is the new manifesto of communication. If only we would all expound as if we were classically educated. Besides, I’m not. Maybe an autodidact, but never conceived of the possibleness of the classical rigors. 

This review is interesting for the tidbits that it extracts. It is almost a full-length commercial for the book, though isn’t that what most reviews strive for in the end?

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I am still in shock at the signing that brings Lee to the Phils, again…

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Under the beechful eye,
When causeless brandlings bring,
Let the froddering crooner cry,
And the braddled sapster sing.
For never and never again
Will the tottering bauble bray,
For bratticed wrackers are singing aloud,
And the throngers croon in May!

The wrackling globe unstrung,
Unstrung in the frittering light
Of a moon that knows no day!
Of a day that knows no night!
Diving away in the crowd
Of sparkling frets of spray,
The bratticed wrackers are singing aloud,
And the throngers croon in May!

Hasten, O hapful blue,
Blue of the thimmering brow,
Hasten to meet your crew,
They’ll clamour to pelt thee now!
For never again shall a cloud
Out-thribble the babbling day,
When bratticed wrackers are singing aloud,
And the throngers croon in May!

W. S. Gilbert


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Raymond Chandler no lessssssss.

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