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I pledge to review more reviews. If it kills me I will publish more here about the nature and state of reviewing.

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Vampire Weekend is in hot water for a supposedly stolen Polaroid they used for their latest album. The band welcomes the lawsuit and in my opinion it all depends on the facts presented to see who is right. Here is the photo in question:

ooh la la

If you read the story over at Yahoo, http://new.music.yahoo.com/blogs/stopthepresses/231834/vampire-weekends-cover-art-contra-versy-model-sues-band-for-2-million/ it tells that there are two sides to every good story.

Later Gator,


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Weare I a King I coulde commande content;

Weare I obscure unknowne shoulde be my cares,

And weare I ded no thoughtes should me torment,

Nor wordes, nor wronges, nor loves, nor hopes, nor feares.

         A dowtefull choyse of these things one to crave,

         A Kingdom or a cottage or a grave.

Edward De Vere, Earl of Oxford

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