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In my Internet searchings I have found a French artist named Paul Helleu.  He did fashionable portraits in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Most if not all are stunning pieces of art.  Please check out this website to get a view of his work:




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Just to let you know: through July 5, 2009 there is an exhibition of Gustave Caillebotte’s paintings at the Brooklyn Museum. Caillebotte’s paintings are hard to find in major museums because he wasn’t forced to sell his paintings while he was alive. Please go if you can.

Here is the link to the exhibition’s website:


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Vaughn Bode

So now, I guess, is the time to share my love for the artwork of a man named Vaughn Bode. He has influenced many people with his drawings and you should check him out when you can.

Here is the link to the Yahoo Group:


Here is the link to his Wikipedia page:


Mark Bode, his son, maintains a website with information on his father:


Hope you enjoy!


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I have created a new blog just for ma stuff over at Blogspot.
You can get there by clicking on this–> http://www.mikemccullough.blogspot.com
I hope you enjoy my fragments, poetry and any other loose literary stuff I throw up there.
Thank you,

Michael Evan Kerry McCullough

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