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The massive gates of Circumstance

  Are turned upon the smallest hinge

And thus some seeming pettiest chance

Oft gives our life its after-tinge.


The trifles of our daily lives,

  The common things scarce worth recall,

Whereof no visible trace survives,

 These are the mainstrings, after all.

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Way back when I was a child, Advertising in general held sway over my poor little brain. From He-Man to Pepsi, Nike to G.I. Joe, I was thrilled to see new advertising on Television, on billboards and on the side of a bus.  Now it seems as though Advertisers are trying too hard, or I have just lost touch with everything that is trying to be sold to me. 

Today when a new video game or movie is released there is a large viral marketing campaign done.  Yeah this is old news but have you actually checked out one of these things? They are far from subtle and somewhat pointless.  I have a good friend in Advertising who would find this post anathema. Aw shucks is all I can say. 

Today I find myself comparing Advertising to fine art.  Will this ad hold its’ sway far into the future? Or will it flop like John Goodman’s own sit-com? 

Advertising campaigns used to have an aura, an almost mystical quality about them. What happened? Then again pull any ten year old kid aside and he can probably pluck off all the commercials on the air right now.  Which is to say that advertising infects the brains of the youngsters and lets them feast on desire. LOLZ.  What probably happened is, I read too many books, thought too subversively, or just plain grew up, to care or fall prey to advertising today. Yessir that is my diagnosis, deadened to the chase of something that isn’t there.

It seems to me that there are a host of persons who subscribe to the lure of Advertising far into their adult lives.  But whenever I meet such a person it always comes across as a synthetic genuineness.  Damaging as it may be to hold your childhood illusions for life I almost never want to contribute to shattering a person’s false hopes or lost dreams.  Whether it is immersing yourself in Sneaker culture, the cuteness of the Japanese, hell even the art shops of New York City, through a certain lense this could just be seen as passing time till the grave. Through another one could see a meaningful hobby, a life-changing awakening to something unknown before, or even an obsession. 

One must have a strongly objective mind in order to pull out from the morass of adverts that are flung at one everyday. how can one do this? I think the answer is to follow me and just grow up a little.

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The Volkswagen commercial with Heidi Klum seems to herald a new phenom in the TransAtlantic culture stream: Is it okay to be German again? 

After the passing of 60 plus years between the failed Nazi regime and today, is the German sentiment in America beginning to bud?  Pre-WWI America was strewn with pride for Germany. Can we expect to see that again?  David Hasselhoff, Heidi Klum, and astrounaut Rick Searfoss-all three being German-Americans-recently appeared in a set of commercials for Volkswagen. The car, Max, speaks in a thick German-tinged English and the end of the commercial prominently displays Das Auto  under the VW logo. What do you think of that?  Now I realize that a couple of commercials isn’t an indicator for a vast cultural mindset shift, but when was the last time a German anything was broadcast with such alacrity.  I think it is okay to be German again.

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